Motown Style Grooves - James Jamerson Style Bass Lines - COMING SOON!


There are a gazillion 'groove' and 'lick' books out there in Bass Land - what's so special about Motown Style Grooves?

Well, 3 things:

Firstly whilst there are loads of 'groove' and 'lick' books out there in bass land, there's no book that actually takes you by the hand and shows you all the ways you can use the information contained in the notes and rhythms of a 4 or 8 bar groove. And believe me, there are lots of things you can do.

So the first part of Motown Style Grooves will be a detailed breakdown of how you analyze a groove, and what you can do with it once you've done that analysis. There will also be a detailed Case Study of a 4 bar pattern going step by step through the different things you can do.

Secondly there are the grooves themselves. All of the grooves will be presented in the key of C - this is done for two reasons. One, it makes it very easy to perform comparitive analysis on different grooves and find common elements. And two, it makes it just as easy to mix sections of one groove with another and come up with 'new' bass lines that sound totally authentic and idiomatic.

And the skeleton of each groove will be presented to you so you can apply the groove to other harmonic contexts, or use it with other rhythms and in other genres. Some of these variations will be presented with each groove too.

Thirdly it's not just a book. It's going to be a website - each groove is going to have its own page presenting the groove, variations on the groove, and video clips of the groove at performance tempo and slowed down. Some of the variations may get filmed too.

So it's going to be a cool project.

The Current Status/Staying Updated

All of the 60 or so grooves that I wanted to include have been transcribed - now I have to create the website and the pages and film the grooves. Shorter versions of some of the grooves will be posted onto YouTube and embedded here on the How To Play Bass website so people can get an idea of what the project is all about.

If you'd like to stay updated on the progress of the Moston Style Grooves project, simply enter your email address into the form below:

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Motown Style Grooves Videos

Here are links to pages where the individual groove videos are embedded for you to watch.

Groove 5

Groove 9

Groove 17

Groove 22

Groove 35

Groove 37

Groove 39

Groove 46










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