Bass For Beginners - Learn How To Play In The Comfort Of Your Own Home....Or Even On The Beach!



For some reason just about every private bass teacher you go to wants to teach you how to play scales. And arpeggios. And variations of those scales and arpeggios. In two octaves. And different postions. And yada yada yada.

And that's just lazy teaching in my opinion.

Sure you have to know about scales and how to use them before you can start creating your own bass lines. But when you're starting out you only need to focus on three things:

  • how to fret a note
  • how to pluck the note so it sounds,
  • the names of all the notes and where they can be found on the fretoard

And the best way to solidy your learning - AND impove your ability level on the bass guitar at the same time - is to systematically apply that information to a series of song tutorials that have been deliberately chosen to get sequentially harder.

And that's how Bass Lessons For Beginners program works- It's A Systematic Song Based Approach To Learning The Bass That You Can Take In The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Even On The Beach!

Now some people slag off song based learning. But done correctly, in a sequence that gets more complex, it's actually the best way for beginners to learn in my opinion.

  • you get increased confidence as you master each song
  • you can almost immediately start playing along with original recordings
  • you start building a repertoire of songs that you know (when you go out in the real world to auditions and james you won't be asked what scales and arpeggios you can play, you'll be asked what songs you know)
  • each new song presents a new technical challenge - as you master that technical challenge your ability level rises by a fraction
  • playing songs is what most beginners aspire to doing - why not include it in how you learn?

If you're still not convinced that song based learning works then google the term 'Suzuki Method' and do some research for yourself.

If you're STILL not convinced after that, then please stop reading. This course isn't for you. Instead you should find a bass teacher who can teach you how to play all the modes of the major, harmonic minor and melodic minor scales in scalar form and arpeggio form. And you can do things like play them over multiple octaves and in different starting postions, and so on.

But when you get to your first audition you STILL won't get asked what scales you can play. No-one will give a shit about that. They'll want to know what songs you can play.


(If you want to see what songs are taught in the course, please click over to the syllabus and technical details page.)

So Who Are These Lessons For?

These lessons are for the following bass players who want a system that will help them improve their ability on the bass guitar.

  • complete beginners who want to learn how to play
  • beginners who've played a bit and just don't seem to be getting any better
  • bass players (beginners or those who've played a bit) who lead busy lives - and who understand the value of being able to access information exactly when they want to
  • bass players

The only requirements are that you own a bass, are prepared to practice as regularly as possible, can pay by PayPal (though you can use a credit card), and that you have a semi decent Internet connection to download the Lesson PDFs and watch the video segments of each lesson.

Can You Really Learn Bass Online?

This is another common question I get.

The bottom line is that 'online' is just a delivery mechanism. If you can find an enthusiastic bass teacher who lives reasonably close to you - and they are as rare as rocking horse crap IMO - then you should take lessons from them and hold onto studying with them as often as possible.

If you can't find such a bass teacher, then online lessons are a good alternative. Here are some of the advantages:

  • no travel time (if you're a busy guy - family, friends, job etc - then count the opportunity cost of travel to and from lessons in the cost).
  • you take the lesson WHEN you want. If you only have 15 minutes, then you only need to focus on a part of the lesson
  • the lesson is always there as a reference if you need to go back to something
  • the online lesson never gets sick or has to go out of town on a plum gig....interfering with YOUR busy schedule


Before we go into the cost let me just reiterate something. Good bass teachers are rare out there in the real world, and if they have any spaces available for new students they are likely to charge $30 to $40 per lesson. Maybe more. (Ed Friedland for example charges $100 per lesson.)

And then you have to factor in the opportunity cost of travel time on top of that.


Standard Bass Lesss Lessons ons

Premium Bas

30 Lesson Bass For Beginners Online Course


5 Beginner Style Bass Lessons *
One Video Critique (value $75)  

All Beginner Style Bass Lessons** (value $50 )




1. All prices are in US Dollars

2. * These beginners style bass lessons are being created - a simple video only version will go on YouTube, a more detailed version will get posted to the Members Area.

3. The Video Critique needs YOU to be able to video yourself and then upload it privately to your YouTube channel. And then provide me with the link. And then I'll tell you what areas you need to improve.

4. ** There will be more than the basic 5 'beginner style' bass lessons filmed over the next 6 to 9 months. Premium members will see all of the expanded versions of these in the Members area. There may be as many as 20 by the time I'm finished, so a value of $50 is conservative.


This Bass For Beginners Course - which as you can see costs $127 - is a bonus for those who subscribe to my weekly magazine First Bass And Beyond.

How To Sign Up

To join the premium version of Bass For Beginners simply click on the button below and do your Paypal thang:

When you have paid you will be redirected to a Thank You page. That is normal. I have to manually add you to the course...that takes 12 to 24 hours depending on our respective time zones. If you've paid and not heard from me within 24 hours send me an email immediately.

If you want to join as a standard member, then please click this button:


Important: Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay

1) The sooner you start providing structure to your practice, the sooner you will start making consistent and constant progress.


If You've Still Got Any Questions?

If you've still got questions then use the Contact Form and let me know. I'll reply as soon as I can - usually within 12 hours. Oh, and you could also check out the Teaching Articles - which you'll find indexed on the Articles Page.

paul wolfe

Paul Wolfe, London



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As soon as I discovered Paul Wolfe's website and his approach I knew he was the right teacher for me.

I found well thought out lesson plans, videos, PDFs of songs, and techniques to improve my finger/brain co-ordination. Paul's personal insight as a seasoned professional musician surfaces thoughout the lessons, bringing the subject to life on another level.

I really like that the access to information is whenever or wherever I want. With my iPhone I can review a lesson in the car or on a plane, lying on a beach or waiting for my son at school. With face to face lessons the information was disseminated once and that was it. I could rely only on memory, an audio tape or notes to review.

Thanks to technology and Paul Wolfe taking bass lessons has never been more convenient, effective and fun. My playing with musicians has improved in just a few months. And I feel confident I will only play better in months to come!

Although improving my bass playing depends largely on my consistant practice, Paul Wolfe's online bass lessons provide me with a clear and concise road map to successful and meaningful practice sessions. I take the time I need to progress to the next lesson and am not rushed to absorb the information.

Plus I'm still amazed that I can live in the States and take lessons from a dude in the UK. That is very cool!

Mary Judge, Boston, USA



When I came across Paul's lessons I instantly liked the idea - the only thing that would have prevented me taking them would have been if they were too expensive.

I've found that buying this service has helped me structure my learning more than a free for all approach. Being able to play through songs after only a few lessons is more satisfying than just being able to run through some scales and exercises - having the song lessons, theory, technique, videos and PDFs (plus what I put in) makes me feel I'm getting more than enough bang for the buck!

What I like most about the lessons is that I can work them into my schedule. So if I have to 'take' a lesson at 10 at night, or 5 in the morning then I'm able to. Whereas if I had to physically go and see a teacher I probably wouldn't be taking lessons.

Chris Johnstone, Montreal, Canada



My initial concern regarding on-line lessons centered around feedback. I wasn't sure how performing a lesson without direct dialogue with the instructor would help. Frankly with Paul Wolfe's system I have more contact than I did through private, in person lessons. I have a video lesson that I can play as often as I like, it's like being with the instructor several times a week. If I ever have a question Paul is very responsive. He also checks my video assignments and gives me personal feedback on my progress. Frankly although skeptical in the beginning, this is the best lesson program ever.

I like Paul's lesson plan - it is well thought out and has a technique section, a theory section and song sections. It builds from the basics to enhance and develop higher level play. Having the video to reference during practice sessions is very helpful.

Paul is very open and accessible - you feel like you are his only student.

Glenn Magee, Columbus Ohio, USA


When I first started with Paul's Protege Program I was skeptical about its effectiveness. But Paul's approach won me over, he is very personable and attends to my needs as necessary.

I enjoy the fact that I can view the tutorials on MY time and not a time I have to agree with someone else. Plus I don't have to lug my bass around and I can stay comfortable at my place and concentrate on my bass playing.

I would absolutely recommend Paul's Protege program. There are plenty of products out there to teach how to play scales and stuff. The uniqueness that this program provides is a basic foundation of bass knowledge which is then applied to real world songs that you can actually use in a band situation!

Thomas Nelson, USA



I was originally concerned with 3 things: whether taking long distance lessons would be effective, whether I would have enough time to work on a lesson before going onto the next one, and whether I would get personal attention.

I'm glad I decided to give it a go because the lessons are very effective. The videos are essential to the learning process and very, very detailed. If it takes 3 weeks to get through a lesson before moving onto the next that's OK with Paul.

And the personal feedback - via video and email - is regular and 'on target.' And I am having a lot of FUN!!! I really enjoy the process of playing along with REAL SONGS - not the mindless tunes you see in typical bass teaching materials.

I cannot say this too many times - THIS IS FUN.

Bob Juggle, New York, USA